Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hidden Sneaky Ulterior Motives

There're times in life where i'd feel very...very low, inferior, helpless. But, then, dis had always remind me back to the pretentious rebellious act, stupid and act-without-thinking of the consequences, dunt giv a damn adolescent days, which...I shud've treasured, savoured, and enjoyed every minute of it.Now, I trying to find, running and trying to grasp for those few precious moments in my life.Eversince I was a kid, people, had always make fun of me,eversince kindergarten kot. I guess I kinda potray the image of sum1 whu can be easily to be ridiculed with. It's not like i dunt wanna stand up for my self, but in the end i often came back to them, licking all the spits i've thrown out, and it'll only make matter worse, myself worse. I just wish, dat I cud make frens, plus without any, hidden, sneaky, ulterior motives. Haha, I gues, I kinda like to describe things, eh? Wel, i cud only wish you all success, like you already had :-)