Monday, January 3, 2011

I Will Always Love You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t Hanafiah? How's life again? haha, it seems ur frens are getting bz, and yeah its undeniably u wud feel lonely at times as they make their preparations as they proceed with their life, its perplexing, ironic that u wished u cud be part of it, help them making plans, yet wanting to make ur own plans and at the same time wishing all these good times we're having will never end; but that's how life work, God had set it to run on its own mechanism, and no one will ever be able to break the system He had created; thus be thankful, and be prepared to face the never forgetful death. 

2010 was the most dramatic year I've ever had in my life. I lost love, found it, and lost it again, I finally met my first crush after 9 years but the feelings are no longer there, I went to practical, getting the first perspective on how working situation would feels like, I made friends, lotsa friends, I finally able to meet the girl whom I had laid out my life plan with her on a dinner only to find her now dating my classmate, I built lotsa hope and plans and see em getting crushed; oh, did I mention I graduated? Yeah, it was awesome, to certain extent that is, I played football, i do lotsa things to cope up with stress, and make myself busy with trivial things like there was this one week I played futsal from monday until friday, and football on the saturday, there's also this one time I played futsal at and followed by a 10km run the following morning and finished with football in the evening.And I cud never find any significant reasons why i did all these, but I just know that it's a challenge, it's sumthing I must overcome, sumthing that I must do to improve. 

As you progress in life, there are lotsa people who will throw things to you, and you will make friends with em, and the experiences you had with em will help you differentiate the good qualities they had. 2010 is the year where I was desperate for love, money, knowledge, desperate to improve myself. I know, since when did improving myself start to be a reaallly bothering aspect in my life. Well, everyone has their moment to do this 360..wait, maybe 180 degrees turnaround? and mine started like after SPM, but nowadays the it gets more and more desperate, but I dont know at what part, or how can i measure the level of improvement for me to be fully satisfied? is all about balance, my situation, I need to be more balanced. You see, people who are not satisfied with what they have is the kind of people that is not being thankful for what they have in life, and God despises those people. Kids, never, ever fall into that category, becos such people they dont know to count their blessings and never be thankful in life. But at the same time, we should never just rest, and take things slowly, spacing out, chilling when we should strive. Thus this is where the difference between great men and ordinary people. Strive as hard as you can, do the best in all the things you could put ur effort on, whether sports, studying, wooing girls, or praying; perform as best as you could, and never forget to do it sincerely, from the bottom of your heart. And pray your passion will last, and the result, the outcome of your every ounce of energy you worked out will not led to wastage, and left in vain. 

 I love you guys, and the beginning of this new year marks another one step closer for us to meet. Right now, i just wanna express my love, tho I just cant seem to find the right person yet, so I dont think its pointless, or stupid to convey it to you guys, my beloved offsprings. I pray for us to become great person, and contribute something, maybe if we cant contribute anything to humanity and mankind, its sufficient enough we contribute it to our beloved family and friends, and able to perform our task and khalifas as our fragile life still breathes. I love you like I always had.

Sesungguhnya kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang-orang yang beriman :-)