Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sesungguhnya Perancangan Allah itulah yang Terbaik Sekali

Assalamualaikum kids, how's life? Mine?'s really freakin' bz, dead beat serius. Lucky i have sum times to spend around, and to breath, grasping for the scarce air, haha, how melodramatic.

So kids, today, i dont wanna talk about my out-of-line-but-I-could-never-be-very-thankful for this job, as much i want to say the job's doesnt suit my line of study which is more towards aviation, my nature of work is now more...well, on the ground. Yeah, im currently working in a construction company, a contractor to be exact. Well, but few things dat made me reflect on the good things on the nature of job is dat ur uncle Sufian, yeah, he's working there too, and he's sitting in front of my desk. I think its kinda cool though that u be able to work with ur close friends, rather than to be sitting in alienated ambiance with unknown aliens, eh, strangers, haha, pun intended, yeah, one of my dry jokes, suck it up kids! :-)

Well, when I think of it back, God definitely had its way of helping us, His beloved servants, without them realizing it or not. Kids, sesungguhnya, perancangan Tuhan it yang terbaik sekali. Heed these words, especially when things didnt turn out the way we planned. If I have time I will gladly tell you why I think so.

Anyway, talking about making plans, I have few great plans in mind, and like I often failed in making it successful, I pray to God that this time I wont fail; wont fail to keep on going; wont fail to pursue my ambition; and wont fail to fall in love, but then again, when things didnt turn your way, my way, our way, remember this kids, remember this Hanafiah; sesungguhnya perancangan Allah itu yang terbaik sekali. And I will definitely try my best to not fail to embrace you guys in my arms, I love you, like I always had.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Thoughts at Random Moments

Sori, ayah rasa macam nak tulis lagi, tapi tak tahu nak tulis apa. 

Ayah sayang korang, seperti selalu.  

Sentiasalah Mencari Jalan untuk Memajukan Diri, Keluarga, Agama dan Bangsa

Assalamualaikum kids, how's life? Feeling good lately? Haha, apa lah yang ayah cakap kan ni, it's indeed sumthing dat I always asked ma-self, nevermind, lets get together now. I have few things in ma mind, like I always had, haha.

Kids, i realize that my time, the moments that I take, the efforts that I did to put all my annoying, looooong thoughts into this tiny space blog, is not always consistent. Well, thank God Ive been busy lately, the company had this new project coming in, and ur uncle Sufian is in charge of it. Well, maybe one of these days I bring you guys there, if i had time :-)

You see, in life, you should always define success, and make sure the definition is updated from time to time as you reach every milestone of your success. Like for example, I wanna become an engineer, and until one day, with God's grace you've become one, u have to redefine it like 'I wanna become a project engineer' or et cetera, sumthing like dat. Never get complacent with what u have.

And remember as you pave your way to success, bring, force, take, grab by whatever means to push your beloved family and friends together with you on your way top because kids, the view on the top, is not meant to be watched alone; it's to be shared with your loved ones.

And pray to God, that as you contribute to your family, not only you will contribute to the local society, to every makcik-pakcik in the neighborhood, the nenek-nenek and datuk-datuk dat which you know you can make a difference in their life, maybe not now, maybe after they had gone, but no matter whatever good deeds u did, God knows, and He knows everything and you could say this blog is one of my ways, small method of making an impact, create sense of motivation, to make a difference in your life once Im gone.

Its kinda pathetic to say these, but right now, im still in the process of finding my definition of success. I dont know what it is yet, but I hope i will find one. I love you kids, I will always do. Like I've always had. :-)