Sunday, April 11, 2010

Defy It Baby !!

Assalamualaikum Hanafiah? How’s life? Haha, its been quite sumtime eh since I last write sumthing, so today I continued, but make it quick dude, the game’s about to start in like few minutes, so lets jot dis down real quick, but no matter how fast we’re about to go thru, I got ur back, I GOT ur back ;-)

Its been quite sumtime eh, well, in few minutes the Champions League is about to start, it’s the match of Arsenal, against Barcelona, at the Camp Nou, well, I cud only hope fate had a better plan for the Gunners and miracle wont turn its back to this wonderful team, haha

So, before I proceed any further, I’d like for once to talk about my field, yeah the aircraft. Well, one of the basic questions an examiner wud ask during the oral exam at DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) is ‘How aircraft fly?’ well, its really very basic, so basic that even kindergarteners cud answer, but due to the complexity of how human think nowadays, not to mention that the brain capacity is so powerful that by using up to the extent of 10% of its capability, most examinee wud fail bcos their head cant decipher the most basic, simplest form of question.
How does it fly actually? Well, ive no intention of talking about aircraft rite now, only to make it a symbolic icon of what we wud represent in this context. Well, u see, in life, the higher we go up, the harder we fall, and the harder we fall, the pain wud be more unbearable, so unbearable that we cud never forget that agonizing pain thus leaving a deep, very deep scar of stigma as a proof of our dark, bloody past experience that we begged to the God everyday never ever had to relive such experience again, but only with lotsa prayers and unknown huge amount of time could make the swell of such pain subside.

And in order to prevent the unbearable pain from falling hard on the harsh ground of reality, we, tried to defy the gravity of life and time, and put on lotsa effort, and adapt lots of non-logical methods that we considered logical at that time, but deep down inside we know its insane, and stupid, and as we shift from methods to methods, we realize, that despite no matter how had u tried, u are still falling down and it’s unavoidable , and what varies between individuals are usually how long the process it takes and what method that they used to make sure they land safely back on reality with the slightest damage, scar or hurt, thus makes the recovery process one of the most unexpected variables in life.

So, my main question is what propels us to this very great height that often endangers us and led to a hard, unbearable pain of falling? What is the force? What is the equation? And why? Well, the answer to all these metaphorical physics’ questions is LOVE. Okay, for once, lets toss all those Newton’s, or Bernoulli principles outta window. Haha, as silly as it sounds, love indeed is the greatest motivator, the greatest force, and due to this undefined, unexplained force that cant be derived in mathematical equations, LOVE itself had defy the laws, the norms of nature, yes, we cud defy gravity with love, we cud push ourselves even further that no amount of petrol can supply for the aircraft to go, it can also ignite even uncountable quantity fuel of passion that continue to burn for eternity or as long as the love remains, and not only that, it can also act as aerofoil on the wing that uplifts the spirit and makes us believe that we can overcome impossibilities by overcoming all those unwanted obstacles on this harsh, hard, dark pavement of runway we called reality.

So, my friends, despite no matter how high u fly and end up slamming the face of the earth, lets not forget all the adrenaline rush, the anxiety, and the passion that helps us flying back, soaring like a free bird in the sky, let it be the motivator to stand up again, and start things back from scratch. The Wright brothers had done it, we cud do it too, so don’t give up, rise and continue rising like the never ending sun, never give up.

Thank you guys for u just helped me pushed myself further, I can feel the sky is no longer my limit, if anything is keeping me apart from the wonders of the heaven on the other side of the sky, well, bring it on!! Well, gudluck guys, I wish u all the best in life, and may we all meet back together up there in our greatest form, like I had always had wished ;-)