Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Minutes Song Duration of Writing (Pearl Jam - Last Kiss)

Assalamualaikum kids, how's life? Hmm, I know, my introduction had always been the same, kind dull eh? Haha, but I believe this too, that in life, this small seem no meaningful things are the little things that we sought after.

Recently, I watched this advertisement, on the net, on the social networking website, regardless what ever you guys will call it in the future, but mine was pretty much addicting enough. So, the advertisement was about sumone, an Indian woman, who seem to be in her late 50's I guess. At that moment, she was about to give a speech at her husband's funeral. It started to sound absurd and ridiculously funny at first, but then as the speech rolled on, people started to realize the message she was trying to convey.

At first she told, at her husband's funeral, how hard his husband farted at night, during sleep, and how his snoring sounded like, almost identical to a revving sound of a motorboat (or car?) engine. However, these small things are the little things she miss, these trivial matters are the sign, the indication that her husband was alive; and she can proceed her day with these trivial, that may seem ridiculously funny for others, but the most valuable and precious for her; and these what made her day. And now, ever since her husband had passed away, she's been realizing this, how significant, and distinctive it was to her; and it may sounded funny but there's nothnig she can do except but to sadly reminiscing and laughing amused at the thoughts, these funny memorabilia of her late husband.

People...wait, that's kinda unfair to collectively judge people; okay, I am one of those who always take things for granted. Ever since I was a kid, I realize, that there's no way you could ever cheat death, and as a muslim, I always believe that death, can always come in whatever way, or whatever methods that can be unthinkable to the logic of the limited brain capacity of men, and it can strike at whatever time regardless whether we're prepared or not.

When I was a kid, I always had a fight with your wan (gramma) and usually it will involves her not buying the toys that I wanted. And I usually would persuade her for days, and months,; yeah, dont judge me, i wont let you guys do the same, haha, neway, most of the time, when she was fed up or really stressed out at work with her other problems, and with me adding up to the stress she already had at her limit, she would suddenly take a car and drive somewhere, gone. I hate it when she did that, because of the fact I strongly believe that death can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone God chooses to. And, to top it off, I watched too many Japanese serial dramas, malay soap operas, cerekarama,, i am not drama addict, no, haha, it's just that these stories, they usually end up in tragedies.

And I believe that all of us, will never want to depart with our loved ones in a strong, aggressive, argumentative confrontations, because I loved her, I really do, it's just that I can be very selfish at times and I pray to God not to execute my selfishness with unbearable tragedy that I could really figure out.

Life is very valuable, as well as your relationship to others; it's important to love yourself and at the same time loving your family and friends, and build up good relationship with your colleagues of different races, cultures and creed. Treat others the way you wanted to be treated, and with God's grace you will end up fine, even without me around.

Regardless of whatever argumentation, confrontation, or discussions we had, or even we're unable to embrace each other in the last counting minutes on earth, and holding onto each other for a little while seems to be the most, longest precious moments we had, or if else fails; I will always love you like I always had.