Friday, May 22, 2009

What I Want for My Besday?

So, few days back, no, maybe a week ago, i got a fon call from ayah, which is really weird to call someone by something u shud be closest to when he is the stranger of my life, and in case for future reference, i wrote this matter late bcos i was reaally busy, with the final year project stuf and sum last minute assignments, and i'm really disappointed that the Red Devils won the Premier League. I really need to convey this to someone (or something) other than mak, i don't know, i just felt the urge to. Yeah, i dont talk dis matter to Sufian, or Fatin, or any or my housemates, well, i ges i've my reasons, i've always had, haha.

So, ayah called, but i was sleeping and i called him back, wondering what's the matter about. He asked my birthday,so i told him. I told mak, after hearing few curses, she said it's too late to give me a present for my birthday, but i don't really care.

Then, few days back, mak called me, this time she needed me to verify my place of study, and when my graduation is. I don't really know how to explain the later part, but dis is enuf for my future reference. Ayah, i will NEVER be like you, i promised this to myself, like I've always had