Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choosing Songs, Choosing Love, Choosing Death..Well, U Cant Choose the Last Two

Assalamualaikum kids? How’s life? Well, I don’t really feel like talking about myself today, well yeah u can guess, I just don’t have the mood but my urge to write, the sensation whenever I stroke each sentence on the keyboard just one of the feelings I’d like to feel whenever Im down, aside from feeling the breeze onto my face whenever I went for a jog, but just like the a robot with the greatest efficiency, my time is now, only it is much more frequent.

Recently, one of my friends, no, wait…lots of my friends came knocking some serious, heart throbbing senses that well occurred due to unexpected situation that I instigated, the certain atmosphere I created in order to calm myself, to discuss the outcome of certain problems that we had, but like most radio channels that we often switch whenever we wanted to listen to a song, but somehow the only thing that they often played was the unwanted, annoying, effing songs, well, the analogy of searching, the great quest for everlasting love could much more be described that way.

Well, how could we euphemize such tragic, eventful situations that rarely occur in our life with the most common thing that we often do? Well, here goes. Just imagine, the one you would like to have, ur mr or mrs right is somewhere out there, just like a song you always longing to hear, to feel every part of its beat, every rhythm, making efforts to memorize every bits of its lyrics, the joy of hearing is so sensational as the passion making its way into ur core, pure heart. 

Thus, u want to hear those kinda songs, but as you progress from a channel to another, your efforts seem to be fruitless, but not meaningless, becos you may get to hear other songs too, but its just not THAT song. So, you continue searching, and often you find hearing about advertisements, or hearing the deejay craping, or crack a stupid joke, or well if you selected certain frequency you’ll be delighted with motivations and tazkirah,  you kept on searching, and continue hoping you’ll find it, but the reason you cant find it is not because you’re not making enough effort, it’s just you changed the channel at the wrong time, sometimes you kept on selecting for ten, dozen channels, but none of them are to ur liking, and in the end you just had to be satisfied with the song that was in the air at that moment. U may not get the best song for you, but it was the best for you at that moment, and God had chosen that song for you to hear, and like the wise had always said, the deejay know the listeners better :-)

There are so many things in life that I wish I could convey, to make a simile, a comparison between an event with the daily things using one of the uncountable God’s greatest creations that is the mind, the human brain, the medulla oblongata (of course im just stating things here) or whatever force that enabled us to be incredibly, magnificently sane, so damn good and mysteriously, enchantingly enticing that it attracts others into conducting one’s actions, but as much as I want to convey my weird, unique ideas to the whole world, and creating lots of other similes, I realized that you were wrong when you start to compare God’s miraculous, wondrous creation with His servant’s tiny puny little ‘toys’ which indeed requires huge amount of force, a numerous work, lotsa force calculations, insane understanding of computer programming and the big, cold bucks in order to achieve what He had achieve thus making us  realize that the greatness, the superiority of Allah, the creator of all.

And kids, by the time Im no longer around, please beg for His mercy to spare me from all the unwanted accumulated sins and wrath of hellfire. From Him I had come, and to Him I shall return. I love you guys, no matter how weird a father I had become during my lifetime, and will always do so, like ive always had.