Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tsunami, Konami and Namida

Assalamualaikum kids, how’s life? Its been quite sumtime since I last post sumthing here, yeah, im kinda busy…I guess, maybe all the things I wanna jot down had gone away just like the water under the bridge, I know it may not be the correct idiom but for now, it seems to be the best choice of words I cud think of.

Dewasa ini, friends, family often asked me about one thing; when Im gonna get married? When Im gonna be able to see u guys? I'd say "jodoh tu macam rezeki, apa yang boleh kita lakukan hanyalah berusaha, dan berdoa, dan kalau Allah nak beri rezeki ni kadang kala tanpa disangka-sangka dan di luar kemampuan pemahaman akal kita, jadi tunggu je la, haha". Haha, okay, the second part is exaggerating and may seem to be a little bit too distant into the future, but deep down that’s one of the questions I often find myself asking, maybe even further. Never mind, lets not rush the future, and let these good times roooolll, sloooowly, haha.

Recently, one of my idolized country, Japan had faced an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude and the earthquake caused about 10 metres tall of tsunami wave which caused a major hit especially in Miyagi Prefecture. FYI, ‘tsunami’ is ‘big wave’ in Japanese while ‘konami’ stands for  ‘small wave’, while the word ‘namida’ stands for ‘tears’ that one often shed whenever they felt sad. One of the amazing things about this country, is that their citizens are very educated, civilized and have high civic awareness, and few other things that made them standout from other high-paced, technology-advancing countries. Even in the nations where modernization and technology had grown tremendously, they never neglect their traditions and they place the bonding and relationship between people high above other things, sumthing that is rarely found especially in most country.

So, even the 'tsunami's already gone, but i believe that it had created a 'konami' in the heart of the Japanese, a small wave of awareness, a wave of respecting, tolerance, and being gentle and nice (yasashi) towards each other which will make them much stronger and  will rise again to be one of the worlds great force to reckon with; a great 'tsunami' and the great samurai will stand back on his feet again. And, not only I would like to pray and convey my condolences to the country of the rising sun, but I’d also to wish takziah to my friend, ur uncle Ayen or Wan Azrin Wan Azhar for his loss. His younger brother passed away recently. Al Fatihah.

This week’s kinda busy tho, but sumhow I managed to squeeze a lil bit of my time to write, well, its for educational purposes lagipun, takpa, it’ll sumhow improve my writing, I hope.
One of these days I got this one feedback, one statement that frequent to my ears, which is saying im a ‘skema’ or geek, haha. Yeah, ur father’s a geek, so suck it up and how I was able to meet ur mum was definitely a wonder that nor I nor the greatest mind on earth can figure out; there’s no logic in how God do His work, and we, the humble servant could only stare, feeling amazed and blessed to be taken into consideration into one of uncountable God’s greatest plans. And you my beloved kids, the greatest gift I yet to receive.

I have lots of things to say actually, and I always wanted to give people a piece of my mind, but often I held it back, because u have to commit to what you have spoken, practice what you preach and walk the talk. But often I found myself preaching the same things, its probably because I wasn’t actually reminding my listeners rather im reminding myself to step up and live up to the things I have said.

Well, I think its best if I take my leave now. Things are going pretty well lately, Alhamdulillah, jangan berputus asa dengan rahmat Tuhan; and remember dat ‘kalau kau lari, aku lari jua’. Sesungguhnya sesudah kesukaran ada kesenangan, dan kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang-orang yang beriman, Wallahualam. I love you guys, pray for my success in the future, and I will always love you, like I always had.