Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Precious Glass is Already Shattered

Assalamualaikum kids, how's life? It's been quite a while since I last updated my stories. I was yeah, the normal stuff, busy with things and juggling all the tasks together. So, recently, I saw one of my friends, mentioning that woman is like a glass.

And I was like...speechless, again. No, please, from now onwards, there are many times I will be speechless, but you could never interpret it as something wrong or fishy; I just feel like keeping silent because this is the time that I believe is just to best shut up and speak ignorantly. But then again, I kept on writing, tak tahu kenapa.

Woman are like glass. sorry, but I could never seem to fully agree with this idea. People have different opinions, and ideas, while mine...just seems to be more selfish at times.

If woman were to be as fragile as a glass, empty, easily scratched, easily broken, made lots of noise at the small expense, can be shaped and tempered at much lower temperature, can be find as easy as everywhere, no values whatsoever, only to be thrown out after it's already shattered because the idea of keeping a shard of glass with you seem ridiculously absurd because it could harm and injure you, not to mention that there are no esthetic value whatsoever to continue storing it, thus, at the end of the day, it will be placed where its rightfully belonged; the trash bin.

I know, this is kinda harsh, but i am just stating fact, because saying that woman is like a glass in the first place is already getting on my nerves. 

I was brought up in a single parent family. I was a brat, a useless one indeed, My brother, well, let's just say he had his fair (fare?) share of troubling my mum. And she was busy, working from 9-5, she came back in the afternoon just to check up on grandpa, and me. She took care of my grandfather, she did it all together. She never ceased to amaze me. And woman, at the end of the day is just woman. A glass will always remain a glass, but mothers, wives, they are more than that. They fight. They harden. The true gem in the family. The ones that keep pushing the husband to move on forward when his feeling down, sacrificing her times for the sake of her family, she is strong; not easily shattered like the glass, and keeping her family safe is the utmost priority she bear in mind, far from getting hurt or turning her back on the family.

Mothers, and wives, they are woman, but their values in life, their contribution transcends the any value money could offer, they are They get tougher, each day, every single moments, every hardships that they continue to bear will only make them stronger, every test they had will only strengthen the bond among family members. In order for diamond to be created, one must go through excessive amount temperature, developed under extensive, high pressure deep down inside the core of the earth, and once it's fully matured, it will be the strongest material ever, that can be used to cut through anything. How's dat for a fine description of females? 

Islam itu telah meletakkan wanita di suatu tempat yang tinggi.

Sorry for anything, I just don't know why I'm suddenly overly passionate about this, but then again what is not to be passionate about tulang rusuk kiri sendiri? Stay in school and I love you guys like I always had.