Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always Love, Hate Will Get You Everytime

Assalamualaikum Hanafiah, how’s life? Wow, I tot u got a message from her, well, unfortunately it wasn’t for u eh? Never mind, maybe she’s not the one. Keep on trying eh? ;-)

Looking back at all the things that I’ve jot down in the past few years, I realized dat most of the posts I published had always been about her, her and her only. I think this is enough, I’m starting to write new pages, and I cant keep going on distracted like dis, few times I almost got into accident when I spaced out and that’s just not good. Nasib baik I didnt ran over sumone else's cat dis time

Something bootylicous sweet dreaming eh? Haha, never wud I tot her as anything of that matter, but still, I guess she’s capable of being so, but then again, for me, the women that I’ve loved had always both the inner and outer looks, thus she is no exception. And for me, her beauty is beyond description of words.

However, she now literally hates me now, thus the comment did serve its purpose. We’ve came to a crossroad, and I’m taking a different direction, different route, may our paths never collide again. Thanks, for the few happy moments in life u’ve given me, I never had such feelings before, and I would like to thank you for lots of many other things that I cant seem to have time to jot it down here.
Thank you, and thank you, like I’ve always had ;-)

Now It's Getting Harder

Assalamualaikum Hanafiah, apa khabar? How’s practical? How’s study? Haha, hopefully it goes on well la kan. Whatever it is u’re going thru, just endure it eh, like Saidah said, just follow the flow. Like a river, or perhaps like the wind.

So, life is hard again, but I’m okay, I guess. I don’t know why I bother writing this, but I don’t even know why people would read it, but maybe the reason I can write anything I felt here is because I realize people wouldn’t even read it, thus it’s kinda comforting, haha. They used to say, the safest place is to hide from the enemy is in their den, or so they said.

Looking back at things, at what I’ve achieved in life I realized I didn’t go anywhere despite the how far I’ve traveled, it feels like running around in circles, moving and returning to the same spot everytime, tho I felt exhausted, I’m glad I made an effort, as silly as it seems, I know I’ve achieved sumthing, that may be trivial to others, but a big step towards much bigger success in my life.

Thus, whenever I run on this field, along this track, chasing the ball near the line, with sudden rush of adrenaline pumping, and hearing myself grasping for air, I’m glad, I made effort, and all these had made a very big difference to the hardness that occur in my life, a very big difference to you, a big difference like I've always had ;-)