Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arsenal vs Manchester United 2nd Leg Champions League 2009

Argh, napa kalah lg? 4-1 kot agreget ni? Argh!!!!Kalah besar kat home kot, apa ni Arsenal? Buat sia2 aku tak tido malam je, nsb baik kelas tkda sngat pagi tu.

Tak guna nyer Ronaldo, ko bajet lepas gian la tk rembat time 1st leg dulu? Ko nasib baik je la, Fletcher, padan muka ko kena sent off, kan bagus Ronaldo ke, Rooney yg kena? Rafael ni aku rasa mcm nk henjut je!!

Bodoh nyer Gibbs, pasal ko rentak game dah terjejas, arghhh!!!Nasib ko baik je Ferguson, lain kali ko tgk la. Harap2 tapau la ko ngan Barca nanti.

Wenger, rileks, take time and build your super power squad, concentrate kat defend b nyk sket la !!C'mon Arsenal, berusaha lagi like you guys had always had :)

A Trip to GHKL

Salam, em, today, I phoned mom, so other than mumbling abt the high maxis postpaid bils, she talked about she went to GH to finish some business abt her student's practical posting. So, she saidm, dat at the age of 62, she's felt blessed dat she's stil sane, and thanks to her tiring, repetitive work at MSU, she manages to keep all the exercises, social needs, enjoy new circle of friends and have lots of fresh perspectives in life, not to mention all the kindness her students showed. Yeah, at the age of 62, being a single, waking up early in the morning after Subuh, going to work in S.Alam from Ulu Klang, and return back home is something that I tot not most people wud do. Mak also said dat how lucky, and how thankful she is. Well, Mak, I cud only pray for your best in life, and I'll try to become a better son, InsyaAllah. I posted this, just as a reminder of how thankful I shud be. Life is hard, reality sucks, but every cloud have its silver lining kan? so, semoga berjaya Hanafiah, like u've always had :)