Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow, Life and Heart are Inter-Related

Assalamualaikum kids? How's life? I am feeling kinda sentimental tonight, maybe it's because the over dosage of caffeine  I suppose, nevertheless, im writing tonight (or early morning?) solely because it's snowing outside.

Yeah, it snows, why it's a big deal to me?Hmm, probably because Ive been living in Malaysia my whole life and I never, ever had the chance to fully experience one of God's wonders that beyond the capability of men; yeah, there may be sum sort of artificial snow in Genting, but it's not the same; for human creation always has its flaws and errors.

Snow, being very beautiful and scenic, is pretty much coold to begin with. The fact that I was shivering strongly even with the heater turned on gave me quite a headache, pretty much stirs up the reason to not ever coming here again. You see, back then in Malaysia, I was never good with cold things, I literally hate cold; and I dint know why. I don't drink cold drinks and my room is pretty much hot and any friends that came would definitely sweat, except me dat is. My body had been adapting to this kind of temperature for quite some time. And ironically, unbeknownst to my sane mind, I had choose Glasgow to further my studies. Not being able to cope up with this extreme weather definitely had taken its toll on me for few weeks, but as I started to play football almost 2 hours every week, and having to walk to classes and SUMSA (Strathclyde University Muslim Student Association) place for prayers, definitely had strengthen my body and had made me become more comfortable with the current weather.

The first few things that I realized about snow is that it's beautiful and yet simple; because the fact is that snow is just a collective of water, transformed and hardened into ice and falls down to earth; but God had made it soo beautiful that it perfected, thus it gave us an idea that even such simplest thing, if were to be acting on a huge amount, on much larger scale, it can be very graceful and captivating, so beautiful as well being breath-taking to any naive, humble and simplistic yet touching the heart to the eyes of beholder.

People had asked me "seronok main snow?" and I'd rather say not for I am enjoying this alone. It was kinda lonely to be witnessing something reaaaally-really great and awesome as this by yourself. God's best wonders in the world are not meant to be watched and gasped for your eyes only. It takes friends, and family members to share these experiences. I never liked being alone, I never did. It sucks, big time. The snow is not alone as well, when it fell on the surface of the earth, it comes in large bundle, a huge amount of quantity that becomes so beautiful and could cause impact and affect people's hearts, affecting enough for them to get out from their cozy warmness of the blanket and hot, expensive, money-draining heater to be showered and emblazoned with cold in the middle of the night; thus i concluded it is affecting enough to touch other people's hearts. I wanna be like snow too, I want to make impact on the world, to be successful, not alone, but having my friends and companions fighting on the same path to success, and we will become a role models, and example to each one and another; to be more successful in life; and I want to do this, together, like snow.

I realized, one of the significance of having snow showering this humble earth is a sign to human, a lesson for men, and a great reflection on our daily life. You see, life and snow is pretty much inter related; for hardships and obstacles that we face in life is like the cold that nobody wanted, and it's kinda suck to have to undergo all these for the target we wanted to acquire; and snow, is pretty much the success, the beauty of achieving something we desired sooo long and the cold, or obstacles only made our victory much sweeter.The good things in life, the better and the best is yet to come, but there's always a price that we must pay, and effort we have to show, something that we must give away in order to feel whatever the good things we wanna feel.

Kids, I wills study hard, hopefully. I will always love you guys like I always had.