Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waaaah, Takutnya!!

Have it ever occur to u to kill people? Of course there is, me too, I guess, but maybe in a less tragic way, but gotta make it more look like an accident, but yet always make people feel that the incident happened due to some foul play and it was some sort of dark, dirty conspiracy of the big guys, well which is totally ridiculous when such thing happened due to cat crossing the road, haha. No, this is just some sort of small talk, tkda kaitan dgn sesapa pun.

Metaphorically speaking, last night was a heavy rain, luckily there’re stars, and the moon is amazingly round, just like someone’s face, a lovely, round, cute face but people are always ignorantly unaware due to the thick clouds and heavy rain that came along. But still, whenever u’re lost in the dark night, with pitch black emblazoning ur life, it’s still very comforting and assuring to see the small lamp God had given us during those hard times. It’s just sometimes it had always been there for a thousand years that we often forget it may not be the same tomorrow and thus often we take it for granted. But what the heck, it’s a new day, and a new dawn have awaken, the same process will take the same place again, just make sure u’ll do ur best with the time God had given you, like He always had ;-)

Sentimental Thoughts Final, hopefully

Assalamualaikum Hanafiah? Em, penat eh? Esok bola ke? Haha, ko kena naik jd dmf dow, tk best la asyik main defense je kan? Cuba keras sket, main body, dan of course, lari lagi banyak, haha. Well, guess so. But still, first thing first, lets save this sheep, relationsheep, haha. Here goes…

Em, okay,how am I suppose to say this, em, girl, how’s life? How’s exam? Haha, well, I can only assume it’s over. First, let me apologize again if somehow u felt my previous posts are trying to humiliate you, it was of my slightest intention to make u feel that way, however, I’ve made few em…amendments to the regarding posts. So, don’t worry. And I never thought u as hypocrite, or never did I wrote it dat way, so what gives? You are NOT that kind of person, so rest assured.

Second, I ALWAYS WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND, dan it was NEVER my idea to break the bond between us, I just have my reasons for everything that I did, dan AKU SUKAKAN KO, so tolong la faham sket the complications I’m going thru rite now. By the way, Hafiz said I shud let things cool down a bit, so whu wudve tot one of the few hardest thing in life I had to do is resisting myself from u, so give urself a credit now, cause u’re IRRESISTABLE, haha. Dan sori if the way I acted seems to give u the idea that i wanna say gudbye or sumthing. Tk elok kan memutuskan silaturrahim?

Third, I’m the kind of people where I don’t mind strangers, or friends reading my personal love life, for I’m a newbie in such matter, and their perspectives, their ideas that they threw along when they know what I’m going thru really meant sumthing. Hafiz said I shud let things cool down a bit, Dayana said I shud be more relax dn cakap bnyk sket, Sufian kata kalau tknak tak boleh paksa, Zakaria kata kena dress up sket dan pegang mana2 yg patut (which I will never do kalau tk berlapik), Suhaila kata it’s all about tolerance, Mak Lang kata beli la baju bnyak sket dn jaga hati perasaan dia, Azuan kata jodoh boleh berubah kalau kita berusaha, Naqib questioned kenapa aku slalu datang lambat dan mak aku lak, well, lets just say she’s glad I’m not gay, haha. Girl, aside from friends and family, people whu spent their time reading this loooongggg piece of my mind are the people that I don’t mind telling them about my personal life. This blog, even it was public, but the content mostly focus on my feelings, thus if u bothered to read this, if u bothered to know my feelings, then I wouldn’t feel bothered to ask for your opinion, for your ideas, or perhaps share my personal love life. So, don’t worry, not everybody’s going to read this, it’s not facebook. It’s not fancy, but it’s just me.

Fourth, I’d like to apologize for everything bad memories that I had cause, I made you wait too long, and when I rush I sweat thus emanating unwanted odors, I forgot the fact u’re so happy with the car, I’m always keeping quiet, thus making u bored, but believe me, I can stare ur face all day long, I’m sorry that I didn’t greet ur parents properly, I was nervous and very cautions that I forget those little basic things, I will always be nervous whenever I’ like someone, It may take a looong time, haha, and I’m sorry again for being conservative and narrow minded, it’s just sometimes I forgot that u came from a large groups of friends, which is unlike me at all. I cant undo the damages, but only learn from the experience.

Fifth, sori la eh, gamba2 tu mungkin tak boleh blah bg ko, but still memberikan makna yang mendalam kepada aku. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and my feelings, are beyond description of words and visual. And for me, writing this blog is almost the same like writing ur own will, and if sumday I’m no longer breathing on the surface of this lovely earth, I just wanna make sure that my friends and my family know my story, my life, know that I once fell in love with you, my friend.

Thanks, bless you guys and girls, bless you miss, like He always had ;-)