Friday, July 15, 2011

There are Different Definitions in Quitting

Salam kids, how's life? Me, well, im kinda sleepy, and the most important thing that i want to jot down today is that I have sent my letter of resignation. Yeah, im quitting from the company. No, it's not that I cant handle the pressure (or maybe i am? haha) but i can see that there is no career development from staying in the company, and I've grown accustomed to the working environment, so i think its best to get myself uncomfortable again, create a sense of urgency is what my fellow insepmates wud've said, haha. I have another interview tomorrow, and frankly speaking, i am not expecting much, only make good with this lil' moments before i enter into the 'battlefield' (kata je medan perang, but its more of a high school's common hall) which is nostalgically cool, and brings back memories of my schooldays, free of worries and how i longed to relive all the precious moments back then,and of course I wudve definitely made few changes that I to I wud. but, regrets is part of life, and sum people bring along the regrets as they move forward, they may be advancing thru, making small, decent paces in life, but their feet remain shackled with the past and guilt, perhaps, i too can be categorized in those few unlucky people. But, no matter how far you go into the future, no matter how far you have progress, it doesnt hurt to just for once in a while, embrace your nostalgic side, and look back at how much you've achieved, how further you've come.

Frankly speaking, this resignation had definitely made me think, about lotsa things, about my ambitions, about the things i wanna do in life, the things i wanna grasp as the carbon dioxide breathes out of my tiny, frangible lung, and I pray that I, you and me, we all, gonna live life to the fullest, and remember too to live in the moment.

I have things to do, now, better things dat is. And, i have come this far in life by the help of soooo many people, and for that, for all those good experiences, thank you very much. Enough lesson on life, let's play kids. If i kicked a ball directly onto your face, strictly remember it was unintentional and accidental, and I will always love you like I always had :-)