Friday, October 16, 2009

Izinkan Aku Berlari Meninggalkan Mu

Wah Wei Hanafiah, c’mon dow, u can do this, u can this pull this off, c’mon!! Okay, that was a lil bit a heck of an intro eh? Well, I like such intro tho, it helps me to keep up to the reader’s expectation, that is my future self, haha.

Recently, I realize that being busy is some sort of gift too, it helps you to put unwanted things aside, or at least you’ll be too busy to be bothered with it. Oh, the only thing I held on dearly recently is running. I tried every day to jog, to at least sweat a few rounds around the stadium, thanks to her, my best friend I had started take up running during night.

But then again, it didn’t stop there. Now I felt like jogging at each route I see. Whenever I was driving, I saw certain road, I’ll feel like stopping, put on my worn out shoes, and run against the flow of traffic, against the flow of life, against sharp edges of society’s stereotypical negative perspective, accompanied with the loud playback of certain artist whom their music inspires me and its lyrics; like a warcry , pushing, enrage, and increase the burning passion and motivation to keep on going, keep on moving, and hopefully as I went thru dat route, not only I find satisfaction, joy, or any some of salty sweat overflowing from my face, but with God’s grace may I find a better conclusion, a better way to sort things out, a fresh mind to think properly.

I don’t know how many times I’ve wrote abt this thing, abt what I felt when I run, it’s just that, maybe now running is all I can write about. It sucks sometimes, but, hey, I got something kan? This is after all trivial matters, is not like the world crisis or the world war to get my head so worked up. But then again, people had mind, but they had feelings too; the body isn’t only made up of brain, there’s also heart. And triviality of certain problems, the worriness, it vary between people, u can never feel exactly what it feels like on the other side of the shoe if you’re two different person, but opening up and sharing, it helps reducing the burden, so mystical yet simple.

Sesungguhnya sesudah setiap kesukaran, ada kemudahan.

Bear that in mind my friend, and may you’ll find your definition of success, may you’ll overcome any obstacles with great spirit .

Thank you friend, thanks for everything.

Izinkan aku berlari meninggalkan mu. Like I’ve always had wished ;-)