Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blunt Like James Blunt, Wait....Yeah, Sure

Assalamulaikum kids? How's life? Wll, today is the day that I have nothing to talk about, nothing important whatsoever, nevertheless Ill try to say some things, good things to you guys, well...what? Why bother u asked? I just feel like stroking each letter on this antique, vintage laptop, and now, please, let the keyboard do the talking :-)

Today is kinda gloomy cause its raining meow and woofy outside, ever since morning, and im stuck here in the room, only accompanied by the loud songs of Sam Tsui's cover of 'Just A Dream'. Well, you could try to google it if you have time.

I am actually so blunt today, i cant even express my feelings the way I used to, most of the time I just felt like keeping quiet, and listen to the heavy noise of the rain striking down the rusty roof, and watching every single bit of the water pouring from the drain. Life seems to be slow now, and deep down I appreciate for having the chance to laid back. The darkness of human mind, seems to be inactive now and all the words seem to be improperly placed. Well, its not a bright side, but I still wish to convey it to you guys.

To anyone that came (and I pray you'll stay) thank you, thanks a bunch for entering my life, I...I cant thank enough. I will always love you guys, and you kids too definitely, like I always had.