Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photographs not Physics, Chemistry or V vs T Graph

Assalamualaikum kids. People had often ask me this "why I love taking pictures so much?" despite the poor quality of my photographs dat is, haha. I'd usually smile, and continue snappin' and I slowly explain things like I love taking candid pictures, impromptu attitudes that are reflected on the facial expression as I press on the shutter, but I often too forgot to clarify one thing; photographs for me is like sum sort of ticket for me to go back to the past it's like a small, miniature of time machine.

I will always love you guys, like I always had :-))))

Of Love, Faith and Speechless Words

Assalamualaikum kids? How's life? Hmmm, Im kinda speechless tonight....not, haha, kidding. I... dont know why, I dont know if any of you my beloved child, or any of my friends will go through this, having to doubt your ownself, and I guess, taking the lack of confidence into consideration, you might as well say we'll gonna be having such conversation again in the future, haha, but nevertheless, bear with me kids, I wont let you be emancipated from this one.

I wonder about you guys, about my friends, that as much as things looked normal, fine to my four-naked eyes, I wonder if any one had doubts about what they are going through. And, looking from all those things I wrote from my adolescent years, I could be considered as a master of self-doubting. I don't know where the lack of confidence came in, but somehow I manage to squeeze in, fortunately tho.

A friend once told me this, being good-natured is not enough, for people will take chances to scrutinize, belittling others as they pave their negative way up to the social hierarchy, thus it's best for us to step up to these kind of injustice if we want to bring positive and goodness to others. His words made me think, made me realize, that I really need to do something about myself, I need to step up, I need to take my game to the next level, always aim higher than you expected, but put on small, achievable milestones as you progress so that measuring your success wont be so hard.

Recently, I...really, really speechless, again. I...guess, maybe I'm just not feeling well.

I will always love you guys, like I always had.