Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Impact of Islamic Ethics in My Life

Islam is not only a religion, but also a way of life. The teachings of Islam are not only confined to prayers and pilgrimage, but also to all of the aspects of life. Islam means ‘to give up’ and ‘obey’, respectively referring to the God, Allah. All of the things that we had done, the prayer, the instructions, were done voluntarily, straight from our sincere heart, without force from anybody or without any hidden motives.

There are few concepts in Islam that can make a huge impact in one’s life. The human concept, which emphasis on three questions, that is ‘from where we come?’, ‘why we come here?’ and ‘where we’ll we go next?’ The answer to these main questions will be the key factor in determining one’s destiny. In my life, there’re times I often wonder and most of the questions in my mind revolved around these three main questions. As I search for the answer, I realized that instead of focusing on one main important goal, I’ve been distracted in lots of trivial things that I’m unaware of.

It’s an irony when we think that something as old as the religion would still be considered practical practicing in these modern days. Islam is something that’s fixed on its purposes, but flexible on the methods of achieving it. Thus, it’s practical throughout the history.
One of few ethics in Islam is Al-Ummah, which it regulates around the people. Usually, certain religion only limited only to their races, or people who live in the nearby area. But, for Islam, it goes beyond the color of skin, races, and geographical locations. Thus, the Muslim nowadays not only limited to Malaysian, but the Asian, and people across the globe as well. This made me realize every time I looked a the foreign students studying in this campus, that they’re just standing on the equal ground with me, thus demolishing the prejudice instincts I’ve had.

To all my fellow friends, regardless of what your race is, I wish you success in life, like you always had :-)

note: this was intentionally created to help Teng siapkn esaimen agama dia, tho sparuh jalan je, haha.