Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it a Good Indicator?

So this guy, Hanafiah hav been tagged by few people for this 26 things thingy.the question is..are these simple questions gud enuf to indicate who he really is? *smile*

1. He likes lame jokes...
2. There're times he took trivial matters...seeeriously
3. He’s self-conscious around pretty woman
4. He don’t have lotsa frens
5. Daydreaming is one of his bad habits
6. He prefers to keep things to himself
7. If you see him outside, he'd probably wanderin' alone.
8. Because he prefers being lone ranger, walking on his own leisure pace, but he still and always enjoys the companion of his friends.
9. He always slept in classes…
10. Thus it takes toll during exams
11. Tho, dat was the last thing he wanted to do and he never wantd to do dat.
12. He came from a single-parent family
13. Thus, he had always believed that the mental and psychology development of child from such family could never be normal like other people
14. He always run, or at least jog…as if running away from the past
15. He’s scared of commitments and responsibilities
16. But he will try to do his best and glad you believe in him with such tasks.
17. The youngest, and mak called him ‘adik’
18. So, being ‘adik’ and such, he cud be very spoilt sumtimes.
19. He’s always late for classes
20. He’s always late in everything, from music, film to comprehending jokes.
21. He loves morning and evening, because of the sunrise and the sunsets.
22. He loves the sea, the moon, starry nights, the clouds and the sun, but don’t really know their actual facts.
23. He loves to write….halfway, haha
24. He hoped Arsenal wud finish in top 4 dis season so dey can secure a place in Champion’s League
25. The reason he prefers to write this from a third perspective is bcos he’s just comfortable doing so.
26. Last, but not least is dat the reason he tagged you on dis stuff is not because he wanted to burden, or cram ur blog page, but he wanted to try to know you, all the facts dat he probably didn’t knoe b4, and if somehow you manage to read it until here and a little smile is carved on your lovely face, he’d feel very honored, well, whatever it is, may success find its way to you, like you always had :-)