Saturday, January 22, 2011

It Must've Been Love...But It's Over Now

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. kids. Well. Im speechless tonight. I don’t even know why, but there are time, wait..lotsa times I just wanna sit quietly and observe. But I realize, to become a great father, uve gotta speak up, be frank, and love unconditionally. There are lotsa rules, but, the rules also apply differently to different children, but love is not a game, it has consequences, and the outcome of every actions you put onto you guys will definitely gonna affect your future, and your most valuable asset is not sumthing worth jeopardizing.

♫♪ It must've been love....but its over now, It must've been good...but I lost it somehow..♪♫

So, by the moment Im writing this I was listening to this song, by an artist called Roxette and the song’s name is ‘It Must’ve Been Love’ so, well, im the kind of person that not only listen to the rhythm but also the lyrics, and like a fragile, wondering mind ive always been, this song got me thinking more..and more, about love. I know, all my posts had always been about love, its love this, or love that, yeah we all got the point that love is very important, and when you sincerely love someone, from the depths of your heart, it’ll show, without any act, and you don’t need fancy gifts or beautiful roses as a sign of your deep love.  

Unlike sum of my friends, I never had the chance to witness a simple affection between ur parents like ur aunty suhaila had. Its simple, but…you know there’s sumthing there, its not plastic, fake and not superficial. There’s an unknown, unseen bond, a mysterious force that binds all these things together, and sumhow everything miraculously falls appropriately into its place, where everything belongs casually, like fate; and there is no reasonable, logical explanation to all these things.

Before I end my writing I wanna say thanks for all the wishes.
Em, to my beloved friends kalau aku ada salah dan silap, maafkanlah kerana sesungguhnya yang buruk itu datang dari kelemahan aku sendiri, dan yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah s.w.t., dan kalau ada futsal, kenduri kawen ke, tahlil ke, ajak la, aku akan cuba datang, kerana kalau korang lari, aku akan lari jua, insyaAllah :-)

Sesunguhnya sesudah kesukaran ada kesenangan

I also wud like to thank ur uncle kaia, uncle apis, uncle pian, uncle adam, uncle zhafril, uncle ali for the advise and guidance, for looking out after me, thanks a lot.

It may seem cold but I can feel the warmth of your heart, thank you friends, I love you guys ,and you guys too, like I always had :-)