Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to the Basic of All Basic

Assalamualaikum Hanafiah? How’s life? I hope ure in the pink of health, like we always had wanted, and yeah, when health no longer shines its ray upon our frangible body, and as our physicals were in the twilight years, the remnants of every breath is as crepuscular as the diminishing sunlight in the western hemisphere; the undeniable truth that we no longer strong, not capable like we used to be struck our about-to-be bald head and even we’re starting to feel all this wonderful and thankful feeling of able growing old but still we cant deny about the stereotypical worries in our golden age and it somehow bothers me, well…lets worry about it later, when we're really old. Like my friend had once advised us “keep ur priorities straight”. We have other issues to resolve today, now. Like what uve always told me, don’t put off things u can do today for tomorrow, dan like u’ve always accompany every advice u gave with this statement; sesungguhnya itu adalah nasihat utk kita berdua :-) 

Assalamualaikum kids? How’s life? Frisking cool? Not? Well, I hope ure guys are fine, becos ive been down that road, it wasn’t suck, its just that it wasnt a pretty sight...well I just realize I love to have friends around. And if I was, I wasn’t spending much time writing here, haha, well, as I grow up, thanks to ur uncle Sufian, uncle Hafiz, uncle Zhafril, uncle Adam and lots more people that im unable to state here, I had started to come out of the cocoon and became more outgoing, more social, more adaptive and open to the fact that just bcos u make friends with women, its not a bad thing, just know ur limit, and if u don’t, its time to back to the basic, the very basic guidance that I used too, the basic that most of people in my era forgot to follow including me in the first place, the simplest guideline, yet the hardest to follow due to well, the reason may seems to be unbeknownst to some of us, but the truth is probably we just didn’t see it; becos we see what we wanted, and as soon as we realized it, its already too late and that basic guidance my beloved is the Holy Quran. Whenever ure stuck in life, feeling down, or lost your way as you sail thru the tides of big, monstrous tsunami, entangled complicatedly between doing wrong and right things, fear not my beloved kids for this holy book is the guideline to u guys to be back on your smelly, cute yet flimsy feet and pray to the Almighty as you put in humongous amount of sweaty effort to get yourself together and may He granted what you had always pray for, like He always had.