Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tempat Jatuh Lagi Dikenang, Inikan Pula Tanah Air

Assalamualaikum kids, hows life? I always wondered what it feels like to be independent. I realized few things today, that is, like for example one of them, as much as I want to be here, I too realize that this is just not my place, no matter how hard I tried, but things are not gonna be the same. and as much i tried cooking curry, or put in lots of tomato sauce, in doesnt change the fact I am asian who prefers reallly hot and spicy stuff.

But most important of all, lets not forget that I really miss my friends and family in Kuala Lumpur. I have come to a conclusion, that is, that few things that made a certain  a place great is not by the tourist attraction destination it could offer or the culture, or the food, or the beauty of the vicinity, for such thing can only accommodate or fulfill such urges, to certain extent we will become bored eventually, BUT if we were in our rightful place, where the sense of belonging was no longer an alienated feeling, and above it all, having to see the familiar faces that lights up our static emotion everyday definitely one of God's greatest gift one could ask for.

In Scotland today, they are pretty much striving and anticipating, trying to secure their own independence. But the opposition comes from lots of parties and people, the society being to follow the leadership of England for so long had made me wonder what it feels like to witness an independence, to be able to witness something that will be mark down in the history of men, just like Malaysia which had gained their independence as early in 1957

People are living hardships today; sustainability, things that could endanger the ecosystems appears, and people, the society starts to paranoid, afraid of their dark shadows that as much they realize its existence, but continues to take it for granted, until the effect had become so severe that is beyond the comprehension of our limited mental faculties; however in resolving such issue, one can only start small, from its origin, from the main source; themselves.

I don't really know where I am leading on this issue, or what ever the issue is all about, or how things are starting to make abrupt introductions in the catastrophic world, but nevertheless, there's a solution for very problem; it always has. But, there's a saying that we can show a horse to a river, but wen can never force it to drink. And, calling off good decisions are the few aspects we lack, even as we realized the truth, the pros and cons of every options; but we still opt for the worse, or worst choices, because we are scared, intimidated, we are afraid that things are no longer the same, we prefer to be in the comfortable zone when we know, when we realize that one can always improve, step their game up and bringing it to the next unimaginable level by continue to challenge, by continue fighting, for what is rightfully theirs.

Who said that the road to independence will be easy? Who said that it's gonna a smooth ride to winning? and sustaining, managing your own country is not difficult and challenging? But I can say, nothing beats the sweet victory, the feeling of knowing that you own your country, that you are doing the best for your home, for your beloved land, beloved countrymen, and for all these things you had in mind, if you were to make them a priority, a must, a stressing factor in every fight, in every obstacles that you came across, you my friend, with God's grace, will come out triumphant.

I see people in doubt, and i tried assure them with words, as empty as it could, but with clear, honest words, so that they realize the feeling that I felt. I did not fight for independence, but my parents did, my grandparents did, and I believed they had sacrificed soo much for what we have today, for a greater, brighter future generation, thus I can see a clear difference between the fight for independence between what Malaysia had and what Scotland is trying to achieve.

 Jika ingin terbang bebas seperti burung, belajarlah mengibas sayap walaupun pada 
awalnya takut untuk jatuh

I will always love you Malaysia, for what ever the things that I will do is for the sake of your best interest, for a brighter future for my children, for a future that is not too late, for a future that I can shape with my own barehands, for a future that is not so far away, for all these things, like I always had.

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